A Person’s #1 Reason for Not Trying Your Service

- Friday, October 18, 2013

A Person's #1 Reason For Not Trying Your Service  By LeighAnne Turner

People are busy. Anything outside of the normal work flow is considered “extra work”, even if it’s intended to be a time saver. We first fix the problems that will be the biggest boost to our bottom line and everything else comes second.  The barriers of switching services, platforms or anything they may have “made due” with in their business can be overcome by looking into the lens of your customer and visualizing the potential benefits that they would receive. It’s not enough to “be better” or claim to have the ultimate money saving service. Busy people live in the here and now with a third eye glancing at tomorrow.  They want to solve tomorrow’s issues, but they need to confidently resolve what today holds first. 

This article by Tara Hunt, a social media strategist, researcher, author and speaker makes suggestions on how to acknowledge the cost of switching and offers solutions for addressing such costs that impart a more intrinsic business and unequivocal customer service experience.  It also delves deeper into a pressing question of whether we should be selling the solution…or the problem. Aside from good practice management, coming from a customer approach is a great way to differentiate between what’s most important and what gets tossed on an incidental or secondary “to do” list.