How SMART are the goals you set?

- Tuesday, January 07, 2014

How SMART are the goals you set?  By Pam Boyle

I have always found it interesting that a few of my friends, family and colleagues are very reluctant to set goals when it has been such a powerful tool in my life.  I found it so interesting that I decided to research it years ago and it began to really make sense.  I read an article about how many people interpret “goals” and a “wish list”.  A wish is often associated with something that requires a miraculous and divine intervention, genie in a bottle (or something to that affect) to become a reality.  The difference is control to make it happen versus waiting for it to happen to you.  Wishes, dreams and heartfelt desires can become a reality when turned into SMART goals.  Goals need to be SMART to be translated into realty…..


It may take longer to achieve than a miracle but when you achieve it …… is so much sweeter because you know that you can pick the next goal and achieve it again!  

PerITech Solutions

- Monday, November 25, 2013

PerITech Solutions  By Kevin Dowdy

Welcome to perITech and our newly redesigned web site and my first blog posting. I want to tell you what to expect from our team and blog postings. Every employee from each technical discipline (voice, data, security, infrastructure and video presentation) will be posting something they have recently encountered. You will see everything from quick tech tips, cost reduction ideas, new product announcements, best practices, major updates from our partners, information on bugs/ fixes, and virus alerts. 

While we take our clients technology needs and business challenges very seriously, we also have a philosophy here at perITech to work hard, play hard and make it fun, therefore on occasion you may see a joke, notable quote or words of wisdom apropos to current affairs. We hope you like what you see and will come back frequently to get the information you need to stay abreast of today’s technology.

I am often asked what our name, perITech means or where it originated, it is a "portmanteau" from the Latin word PERITUS, which means EXPERT, combined with TECHNOLOGY, which gave us the added ability to emphasize IT as in Information Technology. PerITech is all about helping our clients succeed, doing what is right and in the best interest of our clients, charging a fair price, recommending best of breed technologies that will provide a return on investment, while implementing best practices and proven methodologies to ensure lower total cost of ownership.

Have a great and safe holiday week!