Application Development

At Peritech Solutions, we will design an application that is customized for the specific needs of your business.  Our application solutions can be Internet based, database driven, industry specific, or process focused, depending on your unique requirements. We will incorporate the unique intricacies of your business model into the engineering design to ensure that the processes and goals of your operations carry over into your technology framework.

In addition, Peritech’s Application Development solutions are high quality, cutting edge designs. We understand that quality in application development is the result of careful process mapping and expert project management, and our experience helps us identify opportunities to institute newly emerging technologies. We apply these advantages to develop technology solutions that eliminate redundancies, streamline and automate business processes, increase communication, and build cost efficiencies.

The Software Development Process:

• Setup and Requirements:  During the Setup and Requirements stage, our team will meet with you to scope out the project, determine the business objectives and functional requirements of the application, and assign an internal team for your project.

• Planning and Design:  Planning and Design will begin with establishing the development and hosting environments for your application. We offer Microsoft, Open Source, and JAVA platform development. Mock-ups and prototypes will be developed during this stage as we work towards finalizing functional and interface design specification. Planning and design ends with your sign-off of the final specifications.

• Executing and Control:  Executing and Control consists of the nuts and bolts of the project including development, coding, and database engineering. QA, user, and system testing is conducted to ensure quality, as well as ongoing change management.

• Closing and Support:  Closing and Support is the final stage of the project, when the application is released for implementation. During this stage, documentation is finalized and applicable training and support is conducted.


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